LCC Update, September 2015

Please find enclosed a copy of the Leadhills Community Buyout Newsletter which will be put through the letterboxes in Leadhills this week.


On the 18th January 2014 a successful public meeting was held in the Village Hall to introduce the idea of our community registering an expression of interest in a community buyout initiative if the Hopetoun Estate decide to put land in and around Leadhills up for sale.

What we have do so far:

  • We collected over 100 forms of support from members of the community who, in principle, would support a community buyout of land in and around Leadhills
  • We investigated what exactly needed to be done for the community to register an expression of interest in Estate-owned land in and around Leadhills.
  • We created a Leadhills Community Company to carry on the registration of land as required by the community right-to-buy legislation.
  • A website has been set up to keep the community up to date.
  • We have applied for funding to produce an accurate identification of the land owned by the Estate in and around Leadhills. This information is needed in order to register a valid expression of interest on the Estate’s land. We have appointed an agent to complete this complex task, which we expect will be finalised by Spring 2016.
  • Registration of an interest in Estate-owned land can then be submitted for scrutiny by Scottish Ministers.

Leadhills Community Company is run on a volunteer basis. Membership is vital to the success of the company. The members are its lifeblood the greater the community involvement, the more effective the Company will be. There will shortly be a membership form in your letterbox inviting you to support the Company and explaining the basic details of full voting membership.

Further Information

Visit or come along to any of the open meetings which are held at the Hopetoun Arms on the second Sunday of the month and commence at 7pm.