Meeting cancelled

Apologies to everyone but due to administrative problems we have to cancel this evening’s public meeting.

As you know Leadhills Community Company (LCCL) has been consulting the community about community ownership of the stable/garage block in the centre of the village and how it should be developed.

The first draft of the Feasibility Study is now available (click here) for everyone to read and comment on. We had hoped to present it at a meeting next week but unfortunately, there has been a mix up over the hall booking so we are encouraging people to read it and send comments via the Survey Monkey link.

Once people have had a chance to comment, the full business plan will be presented to the AGM to be held on 15 January 2020 in the Village Hall. Notification of the AGM will be coming out by the end of this week.

Please take a little time to read through the plan which has been developed around what the community asked for in the earlier consultations.

Best wishes over the Festive Season

Leadhills Community Company

The Story so far…

Leadhills Community Company (LCC) is exploring the community purchase of the Stable/Garage Block in Leadhills. The building is currently owned by Hopetoun Estates, which has indicated a willingness to sell it to the community. It is leased to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service but not used at the moment due to a suspension of the service, although they allow the community to use part of the building for storage of equipment for events etc.

Community Consultation/ Feasibility Study

LCC has secured funding from the Clyde Wind Farm and is preparing plans to determine whether there is a viable plan for community ownership. We have carried out a community survey to see if there is support for the plan and what people think would make a useful addition to the village. We have also spoken to many of the businesses but are keen to hear further

  • what might be useful to support existing offers
  • current visitor numbers to the village
  • would you like to be further involved and
  • we welcome any thoughts on what could be done to increase this, potentially encouraging people to stop a while and spend a little more!

If you/ your organisation has any thoughts or ideas or would simply like to discuss plans further please contact me directly – Sandra Macaskill, or 07986 163002

The Feasibility Study on the Stable Block/Garage will be presented to the community in a meeting in Leadhills Community Hall on Tuesday 17 December at 7.30 pm.

You are welcome to come along and hear the plans so far.

Please pass on to anyone else you think may have an interest, thank you!