New Articles of Association:

Just a quick reminder that we need a positive response from 75% of the members for the new changes to be implemented to see the proposed Articles of Association. Any members who share an email address need to either reply multiple times or reply once with all member names stating who is accepting/rejecting the proposed changes.

You can also click here and complete the “Member Voting form” to register your vote.

The new Articles will need to be adopted by the members before we are able to complete the initial registration for the estate. As these changes are minor, the Board requires the members to each show their acceptance or rejection of the changes by return email before 20th June 2017.

All members who do not respond will be assumed to have rejected the director’s recommendation.

Meet and Greet Board of Community Land Scotland

Three representatives from the board attended the “Meet and Greet Board of Community Land Scotland”¬†event at Easterbrook Hall in Dumfries on Thursday, 23rd March. This was a great chance for the board members to get to know other local groups involved with like-minded individuals around the south of Scotland. We were also able to catch up with other attendees from HIE and Community Land Scotland.

Leadhills Community Company AGM 2016

The Leadhills Community Company AGM will be held on Sunday 15th January 2017, 7pm at the Hopetoun Arms Hotel in Leadhills.





This is your opportunity to join the company and become involved in this life changing exciting project to shape the future of Leadhills.

Feel free to contact any of the current directors for more information or any queries that you may have.

  • Pat Wilders 01659 74678
  • Rab Campbell 01659 74234
  • Martin Pinkus 01659 74408
  • Susan Pinkus 01659 74408
  • Anjo Abelaira 01659 74374