Leadhills Community Company

Leadhills has an incredible natural resource all around it. This could be a great opportunity to create more access to leisure and recreation in our local area. Land ownership could open the door to partaking in many activities in a more open, organised and accessible way.

We have already had to fight for the facilities we have. To keep our school open, which has to be a key asset for bringing in new, young families - a lifeblood for the Village's future.

In turn, these families along with the greater community help to sustain the shop, the hotel and support the viability of the hall, public transport and other local services. Making the most of what we have here creates a basis for continued population growth. It's possible that land and asset ownership could be an important key to this growth.

It would be great to see a future for Leadhills as a thriving, diverse community, both young and old, but on several occasions in the past this positive future has hung in the balance with decreasing populations and threatened closure of services.

The Leadhills community has, already demonstrated the motivation and ingenuity through a great number of self initiated groups. These community groups provide a variety of entertainments and opportunities for local people. Land and asset ownership would enable the Leadhills Community Company to give continued support in these activities in a direct and positive way.